4 to 5 hours on delivery or pick up??? You continue hearing that your time is valuable, but you feel that in reality no one puts any value in your time. No detention fee paid.

We are here to fight for your time!

We do know the real value of your time because we are one of you. We know that your time is not just money! Your time is your life that you want to spend with your family and friends doing things you like, be it fishing, hunting, or watching TV.

SHIPPERINFO has been created to fight against long hours on pickups and deliveries so YOU can be home sooner!

We will collect statistics on pickups and deliveries and update our database on regular basis, so you can always see how long on average it would take to load/unload at certain shipper’s so you can plan your driving time accordingly. Or maybe even refuse the load.

Also we implemented check in/check out tool that you can use to have proof of your detention and the amount you should get paid. Timer will start after clicking check in button, program will obtain your coordinates and after clicking check out, you will receive summary of your detention time on your email.

As simple as that!
You have access to our rating system, which allow to see:
  • 1Average time spent by a driver at the shipper or receiver.
  • 2Average rating.
  • 3Restroom availability.
  • 4Waiting room availability.
  • 5Comments.
Also you have access to aour brokers rating.
Mainly we are creating brokers rating for drivers, not for companies.
You will be able to check:
  • Ratio of cancelled loads to all loads.
  • Ratio of changes delivery/pick up hours after arrival.
  • Ratio of unpaid detention to paid detention.
  • ...etc
Detention time? Get Paid everytime!
Just simply click Check in button
program will locate you and track
your longitude andlatitude.
Once you clicked Check out button program
will send your summary to your email,
so you can prove your detention time.
To use this tool you have to download our app
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